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3 Tips To Setting & Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Leadership Coach in Sydney, Australia

by Howard Blackburn . Updated on November. 15, 2022

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As leaders, it is critical we’re able to set boundaries in order to gain control of our time and maintain our well-being.

Without boundaries, we can have a tendency to end up doing what other people want all the time.

And that…… that leads to busy.

So here’s 3 ways to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

Tip 1: upfront and clear communication

Be clear, be respectful, and be open to questions from your team.

Most of the time, they’re gonna be extremely thankful and appreciative of the clarity and rarity of someone actually asking for what they need.

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This one is my favorite.

Tip 2: take your annual leave, Please.

Don’t bank it up.

If you’re mindset is along the lines of “Oh, the place is gonna fall apart if I’m not there”. Then your leadership may be a part of the problem.

By not taking your leave, you’re demonstrating and setting a standard of burnout. You’re showing those aspiring team members that this is how leadership looks.b That it’s a role where you can’t take your leave.

Take your leave and set a different standard.

Set a standard of balance not burnout.

Set a standard of trust, not ownership.

Please take your leave.

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Tip 3: consistent and proactive communication

Having a mindset of investing time to save time, will get you so much further than having your open door policy that allows teams to throw you off track and derail your plans by asking questions at any given time.

When it comes to being a great leader, it’s so important that we’re able to set boundaries and put a priority on being valuable, not just available.

Next Steps

I hope these tips were of value, and I’d love to hear how you go putting these tips into practice!

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Leadership Coach in Sydney, Australia

Howard Blackburn is an award-winning people leader, business mentor and empowerment coach in Sydney, Australia with over a decade of experience in leadership coaching & mentoring.

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